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Ch. Blazin' Summer Daze, CGC x Int'l, Can, Mex, Am. Ch. Abbey Road's Full Moon Fever, OFA
Owned, adored and bred by Bulhaven Bullmastiffs, Gilda proudly wears the kennel name of her stunning sire. She is the essence of beauty and boldness in one package. Gilda's silly, happy attitude makes it easy to enjoy her everyday company.
Gilda was a gift straight from the stars. She was born one of four healthy, striving puppies.

 The birth of this litter followed only days after the sad loss of my Kali (Gilda's granddam). Trying hard to enjoy the miracle of life, overwhelmed with the loss of my best friend, I felt only the pain. Gilda's own dam sensed the pain of my loss and denied her litter. We bottle-fed the four bright, new puppies and managed to raise them with pride. 

Gilda was born a creamy fawn puppy with pure black masking. From the moment of life, she contently rested in the warmth of my hand. She was Kali's life. Her eyes opened and she peered at me thru her dark, penetrating eyes. She was the greatest gift Daisy had given me. A beautiful, compact puppy with a heart of gold.

Gilda's heart only grew bigger as time went on and she was always willing to share her sunshine. She wears a wagging tail that would put a Labrador to shame. Gilda never fails to find a "second wind", she is surely the firecracker of my life. 

We took Gilda to all of her Championship points working toward her AKC conformation title.

She was awarded "Best Puppy In Specialty" during her California stay. She was left with only a major win to finish her title when she developed a uterine infection and had to be spayed. 

Gilda had much more to offer than solely her ring presence. She will always remain a Champion in my eyes. Her spay was an obvious disappointment although she herself has never disappointed us.

Gilda and her litter brother Auggie will always remain that "special litter" out of my special brown eyed girl. This litter of four, the first to carry the Bulhaven kennel name, is a litter to remain in my heart for years to come. 

Gilda appreciates everyone who enjoys her and cherishes the smiles she gives to them. Gilda is full of charisma and loves the outdoors. Her daily enjoyment comes from our walks. She never misses a moment to drop and roll in a clump of cool grass. Gilda is a rainbow of enthusiasm, spirit and power.

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SIRE: Ch. Abbey Road's Full Moon Fever, OFA
DAM: Ch. Blazin' Summer Daze, CGC
Color: fawn
Height: 25" tall
Weight: 115 lbs.
DOB: March 29, 1998
Breeder: M. Hannigan


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