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Ch. Blazin's Rasta Kali x Ch. Blazin's Big Mac McKenzie
My own special daughter of "Kali", Ch. Blazin' Summer Daze, lived quietly as my sweetheart companion and fearless friend. She was owner/breeder handled to her AKC Championship from the Bred-by-Exhibitor Class in just five short months. Her zesty spirit was nothing short of elegant in and out of the show ring. 
Daisy was my pick-of-the-litter from our second litter out of Ch. Blazin's Rasta Kali. At just eight weeks she was boxy, fiery and she demanded attention. As she grew into an adult, her spunk and dazzling energy caught most everybody's eye and Daisy developed a love for the spotlight. 
Five years later, Daisy never missed out on the opportunity to gain the undivided attention of any and all who visit our home.

Daisy's thoughts and feelings were never left unnoticed. She knew comfort and was sure to let you know that she would not accept "second best". Daisy was always first to be noticed.

Daisy was my welcoming committee and first to greet you at my door. She inherited from her mother the desperate feeling of needing a "gift" to offer our company. She was frantic about finding something to carry and if found empty-mouthed, she was in sheer disappointment of herself.

With her dramatic persona, Daisy mastered the art of singing. Each night when we all head off for bed, she began her own special good night "tune" and sang us a howlin' bullie lullaby.

Daisy wrapped herself around my heart and enlightened my soul. She kept a watchful eye on me and was always there when I needed a friend.

In 1998, my sweet girl produced a stunning litter of four. These four have grown into AKC Champions, caring family members, and trusting companions who continue to prove that they have their dam's spirit and heart to share.

Daisy proudly continues in spirit as a grandmother and great grandmother to all my puppies to add more of the same enthusiasm and type. Generation after generation, Kali and her daughter Daisy continue to represent themselves in each and every Bulhaven pup.

Daisy truly is my special little brown-eyed girl. 

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SIRE: Ch. Blazin's Big Mac McKenzie
DAM: Ch. Blazin's Rasta Kali
Color: red
Weight: 105 lbs
Height: 24"
DOB: March 15, 1996
Owner/Companion: M Hannigan
Breeder: M. Hannigan


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