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Ch. Bulhaven's Hot August Knight, OFA x Can. Ch. Albertapride's Jewels
Our very first frozen semen breeding using Auggie produced this lovely Canadian girl who wears the Beautiful name "Bessame", meaning "kiss me". From the moment I shared glances with this red head, I knew... she's beautiful, it's so true!

Being a daughter of Auggie is something Special in itself!! With it comes a pedigree of patience and kindness, that "gentle giant" mystery of love and generosity.

Both Both Bessame and Lucy share this tremendous temperament that Auggie famously produces within each of his wonderful offspring.

I proudly share my home with both of these lovely girls, there is no greater joy than to continue seeing him shine thru in their eyes!

Bessa is so full of life she is never found without a silly smushy face, tail wags and a bushel full of kisses. She's our snuggle bug, so happy and willing to find friendship with anyone she meets.

Bessame's super outgoing personality and incredibly stunning coat of red makes her the favorite among visitors to my home.

She continues to teach me that life is something to always appreciate,

smile first.. then march onward!

Bessame has quickly turned into a "brick house" of an adult, although she'll always be my little Bessa Baby!

Bessame's "fun-loving" personality is one I believe will remain part of her temperament forever. Her thrill to spin and spin, run and play is something I always admired of her sire.

She sure is her daddy's girl.

Bessame's boldness is unmatched. She exhibits the square, powerful structure I look to breed into all of my girls. She's full of bone, body and confidence... Bessame is a breeder's dream!!

I've enjoyed raising her as part of our tremendous family of Bullmastiffs... she remains our baby, soon to be two years old!!

Bessame took a short try at the conformation show ring

In 2007, Bessame entered the ring as the beautiful young daughter of my handsome stud dog, Auggie. Her structure, angulation, topline, head type, coat, health, spirit are all qualities any breeder would be proud to show off.. she is nothing short of "Champion" in my eyes.

Unfortunately, they are not "all" born to show. Bessa didn't find the same enjoyment in the show ring as I had hoped.

I've chosen to allow Bessame some time to develop mentally and possibly someday make another attempt at her AKC Championship. She has a few small wins to her credit, but to me, she'll always be a winner.

This beautiful red head will always share enough of her special kisses to keep smiles smeared on everyone's faces! Thank you Renee for choosing Auggie and sharing Bessame with me and my home!!

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SIRE: Ch. Bulhaven's Hot August Knight, OFA
DAM: Can Ch. Albertapride's Jewels
Color: red
Weight: 101 lbs
Height: 24"
DOB: March 21, 2006
Owner/Companion: Tim, Pam and Nitschke McDonough
Breeder: Renee King and Janice Weibe and M Hannigan


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