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Ch. Blazin's Butterfly Kisses x Ch. Bulhaven's Hot August Knight, CGC, OFA
Could a Bullmastiff be as delicate and as beautiful as a butterfly? Could a being so powerful captivate your heart so gently and serene? The love of a Bullmastiff puppy is almost always a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a feeling which is never lost by those it shares.

Lucy joined our lives in 2001 and has made no mistake in letting us know that she was to be the next to wear the Princess Crown. She is sensitive and caring just like her handsome sire. She is as classy and as cute as is her lovely dam. Lucy is that "one and only" that money could never buy.

On May 26th, 2002 Lucy became a Certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs International, Inc.. She carried along her Bulhaven Charm for several years while sharing her endless love with those in need as a Working Therapy Dog.

Lucy at 2.5 years

Lucy filled the show ring with tail wagging smiles taking home Specialty Puppy wins as have her sire, dam, littermates and grandget. She earned all the points towards her AKC Championship from the Bred By Exhibitor class and only needed a major to finish as am AKC Champion. She always gave my heart a cute little Lucy tug as we shared the show ring together.

Lucy is the stunning daughter of the Reserve Winner's Bitch of the 2001 ABA National Specialty, the daughter of the Winner's Dog of the 2000 Greater NY Bullmastiff Regional Specialty and GNYBF Award of Merit winner the following year, the littermate of the 2003 Old Dominion Regional Specialty Best of Breed winner, Westminter Award of Merit Winner and sire of our own Cassanova. She carries her ancestry with pride and follows in the footsteps of her pedigree with a "Born to Show" attitude in and out of the ring.  She took some time off from showing in the Fall of 2003 to whelp our 2003 Bulhaven litter.

Lucy's darling love of life shows in her attitude every day. She is my snuggler and cuddler...she is first to warn and never fails to rush out the door when leashes are ready for walks...

Lucy knows how to always get the attention she desires! She has the tail wagging-est sweetness about her that nothing can be denied!

On October 24th, 2003, Lucy whelped her first litter. At that moment she was nick-named "SuperMommy".

Lucy made a gallant effort to care for her litter of eleven new bullmastiffs all on her own. She spent her every day being the perfect mommy. We decided that Lucy's focus as a caretaker and matriarch was worth a second litter and after a year of relaxation she whelped her litter of two in 2004. Lucy successfully produced the next Bulhaven generation. Click here for more information about the first of Lucy's two beautiful litters.

On December 1st, 2009 my Lucy turned 9 years old. Celebration of her life comes with such ease. She is my girl power... she and I together make my house a home. Her getting "older" brings the reality of the time we share with them is just so short...yet, so so special.
Together we continue to the mourn the loss of her sire and a huge piece of my heart, Auggie. Together we rejoice her handsome nephew and life's enthusiasm, Cassanova. Together we raise the younger gals and together we live, everyday as a special day!
Lucy (Bulhaven's Me Too, CGC, TDI) is the Matriarch of Bulhaven. She is not only the one who produced my litters but she is the teacher, the grumpy ole girl, the most patient of all....she is my queen.

Lucy recently reached ROM status with Nitschke's, Wes' and Darwin's AKC Championships... along with all of Gussie's accomplishments!!!
Congratulations to Lucy and Lucy's offspring for adding so much joy to their families, and to mine as well!
Lucy is pictured above and to the left at 7.5 years old, in 2008!! Can you believe it is now 2010... we love you, Lucy!

Her kindness radiates as she shares her days and nights with Cassanova and all the younger girls by her side.

Lucy just gets better with age!


For Lucy's Pedigree click here

SIRE: Ch. Bulhaven's Hot August Knight, CGC, OFA
SIRE: Ch. Blazin's Butterfly Kisses
Color: fawn 
Weight: 115 lbs 
DOB: December 1, 2000
Breeder/Owner: M. Hannigan



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