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Miss Piggy is built like a Mac truck, snorts like an angry bull, and will put herself first in the line of danger. She's a tender fireball. "Piggy" carries the nickname "the wiggly one" for the way she wiggles her entire body in her cheerful gait.


Miss Piggy made it to the show ring only to be outshined by her stunning sister. She was most comfortable at home and found her place as caretaker of her dam, Kali, who had become ill with heart disease. 

Kali enjoyed the extra attention Piggy had to offer and they became close friends. I continued showing Daisy and chose to let Piggy relax at home with Kali. I think Piggy put some smiles on Kali's face as she had with everyone who entered into her life.

Piggy was very much an indoor dog and conveniently found the sunniest spot on the carpet to nap. She had great admiration for small children and lit up like a Christmas tree whenever she encountered some small people willing to accept her bullie hugs.







Miss Piggy  found herself a friend for life in her companion, Dave, and together they took Bully life one day at a time. Piggy's life of luxury and comedy came to an end as she rounded her 7th year of life. She spent four years in the pampered care of her best friend, David and will watch over him as he shares his home with her gentle niece, Gilda Girl.

We miss you Piggy Wig!!

Color: fawn 
Owner and Companion: David Pepsoski
Breeder: M. Hannigan


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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
~Henry Willett

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