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BIS Can Ch. Kilroy's Northern Wrangler x Bulhaven's Me Too, CGC TDI



Wes started out as "Pavlov", our "distinguished gentleman" of a puppy, with classic wit and charm. Something so mystifying about Pavlov caught everyone's eye.

Now that he has gone west, Pavlov is known as the gentleman he always was, gracing all those he meets with his enthusiasm and generosity. 


Working hard at continuing in family tradition, Wes has quickly proven that he was made to be seen. He made himself a superstar in puppy obedience class graduating third in his class of elders and continued on to shine in the ring at the local breed club match.




Following in the footsteps of his winning ancestors, Wes is truly "born to show"! Just as his cousin Cassanova took home a Group 1 in Match in the summer of 2003 at only 6 months old, Wes took a Group 3 in Match at 5 months old clear across the country handled by his friend and owner, Allison. What a start to a promising conformation show career!!


Wes is pictured above at 5 1/2 months old with his brindle roommate


Wes carries the spirit and wisdom found in both sides of his impressive pedigree. With a Best in Show winning Sire, Wes carries himself in the conformation ring with power and enthusiasm. His  working Therapy Dog dam adds the charm and gentle personality that Wes so graciously can not hide.



Wes continues to find friends wherever he goes. Pictured on the left of the photo, Wes hasn't found an enemy in all the world and had found a friend in "Stryder" at his first conformation show.











DOB: October 24th, 2003

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