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Clara Haute was born a true canine athlete, a gifted trait of her phenomenal sire, Cassanova. Her expressive enthusiasm and free floating spirit gives her a feminine boldness that allures us to consider; "what's next?" for Clara Haute!

Clara was born the day I lost my heart,  the day her great grandsire Auggie passed on. She came to me with a special kindness, with a need...maybe to fulfill my own!

She quickly went from darling little puppy to Princess Master of Disaster. She commands her unique presence wherever she's at. Clara Haute is no less than a high-maintenance kind of girl, she's a one of a kind, presenting much of her sire in a "just so" feminine way.

My home has easily adjusted to this mighty mass of baby girl. Clara seems to fit in nicely, she has "bubbled-over" right into my heart!

Clara was named with the English term "Haute" defined as; "fashionably elegant, fancy, high-class"... she is just that!

Clara's energy and forward movement is elegant and powerful, her spirit is electric.

Her demure personality along with her "look at me" sincerity has her making ways with everyone she meets.


This Sassy Chick has only great things to look forward to. She continues to learn, live and love as the fun and adorable daughter of my Cassanova. Her abilities are endless, her amazing working athleticism is to be admired!  

She fills my heart with smiles and brings true excitement to the words "Good Morning America!"


...When you think of a Bullmastiff, you should think "power", "squareness", "reach and drive"...

Clara Haute has found overall balance as a starting point to her own maturity. Her lovely head type and her soundness of mind and body bring about a brilliant calmness to her darling temperament.

Pictured (left) at 15 months, Clara's success in the whelping box at now 4 years old are an excitement I can't say enough about. Following in the dynamic pawprints of her ancestry, she has added many wins to her show record and continues to bring her own charm in the show ring and in our home..

My excitement is hard to hide with Clara Haute, she has loads of potential and the attitude to reach for the stars.

Clara Haute wowed the ring as a youngster.  Her soft eye and proud posture demand attention taking home her first exciting wins from the puppy class..

Now as an "adult" my sweetheart girl is in the show ring and rightfully commands "all-eyes-on-me" as she takes the blue ribbons home in her name. Watch for Clara to finish her AKC Championship this Summer, 2011

She is just a beautiful, beautiful girl!

Clara's first time in the ring, winning from the puppy class!

Clara is adding up points quickly towards her AKC Championship! (click photos to enlarge)

Clara passed her initial health clearances with a healthy heart and eyes free of disease. She is OFA Cardiac clear and CERF passed.

We have followed up with hip clearances with the OFA in April 2011 preceding her planned mating for a Fall 2011 Litter.

OFA results: Hips Good!

Clara is soon whelp her second litter, November 6th is her due date!!

keep your fingers crossed!!

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Clara and Auggie

 Our lovely Clara produced 8 beautiful baby Bullmastiffs born on May 3rd, 2010!! Congratulations Clara, six days before Mother's Day.. Spring 2010 Litter. Watch as these babies grow and follow their phenomenal ancestry into the show rings!! Follow us on Facebook!

Clara Haute's Litter BLOG

Bulhaven's Clara Haute

Ch. Bulhaven's Hot August Knight

Clara and Elvis

 Our lovely Clara is due to deliver any day now!! Clara's Due Date is November 6th, only 5 days prior to her own wonderful birthday. Congratulations Clara Winter 2011 Litter. Watch as we await the arrival of Clara's second litter. Follow us also on Facebook!

Clara Haute's Litter BLOG

Bulhaven's Clara Haute, OFA

Ch. Blackslate's Hot Shot, OFA

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SIRE: Ch. Leathernecks Stealin' Hearts, OFA CGC
DAM: Ch. Goldbars Big Bang, OFA
Color: red
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 25.5
DOB: November 11, 2006
Owner/Companion: Mary Hannigan


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