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 Ch. Anthracite's Molly Maguire x Ch. Leathernecks Stealin' Hearts, CGC, OFA

Elegantly Feminine, Decadently Fawn and Beautifully Bold, "Ilsa" is a Classic!

Ilsa moved into our home in November of 2008, oozing effortlessly with her own charismatic charm.

Favorably wearing the pedigree of her sire Cassanova, Ilsa was named

"Cas-a-blanca" in order to dance thru the steps she needs to follow in Dad's gigantic pawprints...

Baby Ilsa is sweet and kind, the darling puppy I could only dream of having myself. Since when was having a puppy ever so "easy"?

 Thank you to Charlie, Cheryl and Ty Kistler (Anthracite Bullmastiffs) for gently raising this litter of six puppies out of their amazing girl, Molly Maguire, and allowing Ilsa to live here with us.

Casablanca at 9 weeks

Ilsa has a lot of growing up to do.. she's surrounded by her own family (half sisters, aunt, sire, uncle) learning the who's who and what's next to get her to the show ring and all around!

Her sound structure and beautiful grace is nothing but encouraging. We are so excited to look forward to watching this girl move forward!!

Life is good!



Watch for more photos of Ilsa, along with her littermates, to be added to my web site...

At ten weeks old, Cas A Blanca has started "Puppy Kindergarden" which I feel is a must in proper socialization of a Bullmastiff youngster.

Visit SmartyDog.com where generations of Bulhaven puppies have learned to be good citizens

Cas A Blanca, (aka: Ilsa) has added a wonderful presence of warmth to my home...and the amazing gift of yet another waggy tail!!

We can't say enough about this creamy fawn girl!! Watch for updates

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For Ilsa's Pedigree click here

SIRE: Ch. Leathernecks Stealin' Hearts, OFA CGC
DAM: Ch. Anthracite's Molly Maguire, OFA
Color: Fawn
Weight: 100lbs
Height: 25
DOB: September 08, 2008
Owner/Companion: Mary Hannigan
Breeders: Anthracite and Bulhaven Bullmastiffs


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