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It is of extreme importance to study the history of the breed before you can thoroughly appreciate and understand the doings of the common day Bullmastiff. In my household you can enjoy the comical and loving "family pet". At dog shows you may have experienced the boldness of AKC "Champions", but without the knowledge of it's history, the Bullmastiff can be a potentially dangerous breed.

The nature of the Bullmastiff has been determined by the type of work for which the breed was originally intended. The gamekeepers of England needed an agile, strong, and obedient dog that could make decisions when working on it's own. The original gamekeepers' dogs were more aggressive than is either necessary or acceptable in today's society. The skill for breeders at that time was to retain boldness, fearlessness, assertiveness and great determination while shedding the ferocity, undesirable aggression, and unpredictable temper. Modern breeders have to take great care not to produce dogs who only "look" the part (i.e. lack the essential assertiveness and confidence the breed calls for) yet still maintain the reliable temperament of a trustworthy family member. 

The Bullmastiff is a working dog and is happiest when given a job to do. The breed is very adaptable to obedience training, which is an absolute must for any large, powerful breed. A Bullmastiff that is left to lounge around the house without stimulation will become bored and potentially pick up undesirable habits. Consistent, firm, kind training brings out the nature of the dog. They may seem "stubborn" to some people or "hard to handle" to others, but the Bullmastiff is far from stupid. Patience and consistency is the only way to live with a Bullmastiff.

Loyalty comes naturally in this breed's character. The Bullmastiff takes it's entire family to heart and gives of itself at every moment. They will love and protect their own family at any cost to themselves. Each Bullmastiff has a personality of it's own. They can range from too aggressive to too passive. The Bullmastiff can be very gentle or a total clown, if he feels the situation warrants it. They can be found curled up napping with small children or watching TV with them. They are also often seen lying in a sunny spot with all four feet in the air. The Bullmastiff should exhibit alertness, agility, intelligence, stability and dignity. 

When searching for a Bullmastiff, most important should be the search for a breeder you feel comfortable with. Bringing home your new Bully puppy is only the beginning of the relationship that will grow between you and your breeder. You will want to have someone to turn to when you have questions about the puppy, questions about the breed,  or brags you want to share. You will need someone you can count on for support and guidance thru each and every unexpected situation for the life of the puppy.

The Bullmastiff is a very noble breed.





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