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March 29, 1998 ~ October 12, 2004

Rest in Peace my Gentle Girl


Mia's intense, bold and captivating temperament is one which tells stories of her entire ancestry.  She brings out the best of each and every one of her relatives, combining their spirits, their gentle ways and their enthusiasm for life. 

Her mysterious personality is one of comedy, sincerity and selflessness. To live with her is to love her ...unconditionally.

There is nothing more rewarding than a girl who gives her all ~ at all times, Mia is that special girl.

Her love for life is so contagious, her beauty is unmatched. She is always there for a good laugh, ready for a long snooze and never complains about who steals her bones.

Mia's has a quiet way to make fun out of everything. Along with the very vocal gene inherited from her dam, "Daisy", Mia has special charm that makes her songs somehow worth listening to.

Her littermate brother, "Auggie", is always right by her side trying the same tune for a chance at the same attention...or maybe just a little fun!!

One of Mia's  favorite pastimes include her grand dam "Kali's" habit of sunbathing! Mia will spend hours basking in the heat of the warm sun.

Mia quickly became  the "Mamma" of our home watching over all our boys, our puppies, taking care of everyone around her....


Mia was bred only once and produced a lovely singleton puppy, our ONLY brindle, "Tygger".  She is there in his eyes, thru his smiles, his thrill for life is that which replicates his mother.  Visit Tygger's page to see Mia's handsome brindle son.

Mia passed away at 6 1/2 years old, October of 2004. She will always remain in my heart, as that special part of my home, folded up on my couch and smiling while she nudged me for more hugs and kisses.

Mia's love will never be replaced.

Color: red
Height: 25.5" tall
Weight: 125 lbs
DOB: March 29, 1998
Breeder/Owner: M. Hannigan


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